Les Rens Apparel Section Photo. Engel Montaz modeling Les Rens merch.

Graphic Tees

Les Rens introduces its latest May Drop - which features a mix of dark and light tones, including Pantones, Cream's & Off-white tones.

From bold streetwear-inspired designs to sleek casual wear, our May  Drop offers something for everyone.


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Cocktail Club TeeCocktail Club Tee
Cocktail Club Tee Sale priceFrom $55.00
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Desires Sale price$60.00
Sold out
HMLMH Sale price$60.00
OASIS Sale price$85.00
Sold out
If so, when?If so, when?
If so, when? Sale price$85.00
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Basic White TeeBasic White Tee
Basic White Tee Sale price$50.00
Yacht ClubYacht Club
Yacht Club Sale price$55.00
Sold out
Le PrixLe Prix
Le Prix Sale price$60.00
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Just Friends TeeJust Friends Tee
Just Friends Tee Sale price$55.00
Signature Tee - WhiteSignature Tee - White
Signature Tee - White Sale price$55.00
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Good Days TeeGood Days Tee
Good Days Tee Sale price$55.00
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Brown Crop TopBrown Crop Top
Brown Crop Top Sale price$40.00
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CLASSIC LES RENS Sale price$40.00
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Collectors TeeCollectors Tee
Collectors Tee Sale price$75.00
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Signature Tee - BlackSignature Tee - Black
Signature Tee - Black Sale price$55.00
Signature Tee - MochaSignature Tee - Mocha
Signature Tee - Mocha Sale price$55.00
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Peace-In-Chaos Crop TopPeace-In-Chaos Crop Top
Peace-In-Chaos Crop Top Sale price$40.00
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High Collar Tee - StandardHigh Collar Tee - Standard
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High Collar Cropped TeeHigh Collar Cropped Tee
High Collar Cropped Tee Sale price$65.00
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High Collar Tee - SignatureHigh Collar Tee - Signature
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La Passion Café éditionLa Passion Café édition
La Passion Café édition Sale price$300.00
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OASIS - VintageOASIS - Vintage
OASIS - Vintage Sale price$85.00
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Summer BreezeSummer Breeze
Summer Breeze Sale price$55.00
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Floral Crop TopFloral Crop Top
Floral Crop Top Sale price$40.00