Magna Carta

Magna Carta

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OASIS Sale price$85.00
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If so, when?If so, when?
If so, when? Sale price$85.00
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Coordinates HoodieCoordinates Hoodie
Coordinates Hoodie Sale priceFrom $85.00
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Gray Collectors HoodieGray Collectors Hoodie
Gray Collectors Hoodie Sale priceFrom $90.00
Signature Puffer JacketSignature Puffer Jacket
Signature Puffer Jacket Sale price$120.00
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La Passion Café éditionLa Passion Café édition
La Passion Café édition Sale price$300.00
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OASIS - VintageOASIS - Vintage
OASIS - Vintage Sale price$85.00


LESRENS©' crown jewel, an opulent collection where each piece emerges as an exclusive, limited edition, one-of-one, one-of-three, and one-of-six.

This coveted assemblage epitomizes the seamless fusion of elegance and defiance, drawing inspiration from the pulsating world of DJ culture and the audacious soul of Miami's nightlife.

Creatively directed by JAIIø and LESRENS©

Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail and utilizing only the most premium materials, each design encapsulates individuality and authenticity.

Infused with influences from haute couture and urban edge, this remarkable line signifies the evolution of LESRENS©, offering an elevated experience in style and self-expression. The Magna Carta Line transcends conventional fashion; it becomes an emphatic declaration of embracing the present moment with sophistication, audacity, and unmatched exclusivity.